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Fabiola Menchelli & Andrea Chapela

To unfold is to make visible something that was hidden; it is to turn back time without losing all trace; to amplify and display. Through the image and the word, as well as the threshold that exists between them, Fabiola Menchelli and Andrea Chapela chronicle an encounter between writing and photography, the private and the public, the process and the product. In a world collapsed inward, both seek out new meaning by way of the process of this book and its implications. Unfolding is a kind of rearrangement; it is to make so as to understand; to write so as to probe; to create a work so as to bring about. It is to draw near and get to know one another in order to try to survive… indeed, folds always leave a mark.

Libros/Proyecto is a series that explores the development of artistic projects within the publishing space. We think of the book as a place for the confluence of creators; a sequential space for collaboration and experimentation; a playful and inexhaustible universe where art and literature are in dialogue and intermingle based on the nature of the printed page.

Unfolding is the seventh title in the series, and at the same time, the first project to come out of the ideas, conclusions, and questions of ABCDESPAC, a collective exercise of reflection that proposes new forms and contents to be developed through the artistic endeavor.

Book Launch:
Saturday, February 12, 12 hours
Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo
Tabasco 198, Roma Norte, CDMX

Fabiola Menchelli and Andrea Chapela
21 x 13.5 cm, 76 pages

Print run of 500 copies in Spanish and 500 in English.

Published by:

Edited by: Laura Orozco and Alfonso Santiago.
Translated by: Kelsi Vanada


The english edition of Unfolding has been sponsored by the Cooley Gallery, Reed College, Stephanie Snyder, director.


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