Fabiola Menchelli, Solar, 2019-2021. Archival pigment print on cotton paper, 40 x 30 in.


    Opens May 6th, 2021, 11:00 – 20:00 hrs.


    121 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002
    +1 (347) 842 6458

    In optics and astronomy, parallax describes a shift in the apparent position of an object, which depends on the embodied experience from which the object is observed. The cameraless images in this body of work begin in the darkroom, as light touches the surface of photosensitive paper and trace the contours of a physical object. Harnessing volatile techniques like multiple exposures and solarizations, Menchelli then constructs a macrocosmic image from layers upon layers of microcosmic experimentation. The scale of the resulting image is amplified, further exaggerating the figurative and literal distance between the object and its representation, the image becomes autonomous simultaneously pushing and pulling our own sense of perception.

    Through an elegant balancing of sense and reason, touch, and recognition, Menchelli presents us with interior and exterior horizons of remarkable depth. The artworks in the exhibition arrive as an intimate reflection: an image looking back at us, touching us, facing us with immensity.


    I am immensely grateful to everyone that supported me and the creation of this work for the past three years. Thank you to Alex, Laura, and Javier from ProxyCo Gallery. Thank you to FocoLab and to LTI/Lightside for their incredible help in producing this show. Thank you to all the people that helped me in the studio at different points, Emily, M, Paul, Carla, and Dari. Thank you to all the brilliant people that helped me articulate this project especially Kevin Sweet, Laura Orozco. To my family and all of my students thank you for inspiring me.
    Bea, Pris, and Tere thank you for being there through high and low.

    This project would not be possible if not for the generous support of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores del Arte from FONCA.

  • UNDER the BLUE SUN at Marshall Contemporary

    Opening Saturday, March 13th,  12:00 – 18:00
    March 13th to April 4th, 2021
    Marshall Contemporary
    1350 Abbot Kinney, Venice 90291

    Marshall Contemporary is pleased to present an intimate survey of photographic works by Mexico City-based artist Fabiola Menchelli, her first solo exhibition on the West Coast. Utilizing a diverse range of processes, Menchelli explores the contemplative influence of internal and external space. Featuring work from two different periods including five new polaroid prints, the exhibition connects the underlying ideas in Menchelli ́s work, using the language of abstraction to reinterpret space through the medium of photography.

    We have scheduled an online conversation between Fabiola Menchelli, and Douglas Marshall. Save the date March 21st at 12:00 L.A. time, 13:00 h. CDMX time through Instagram Live.

    You can visit the exhibition in person if you are in LA or view the show online at this link: UNDER the BLUE SUN.



    Fabiola Menchelli, Bajo el Sol Azul, 2017, 24 x 30 in, cyanotype on cotton paper.

    PROXYCO gallery presents
    March to June, 2021.

    PROXYCO gallery is pleased to present Light Studies by Mexico City-based artist Fabiola Menchelli at ARCO E-XHIBITIONS.

    Using the camera to transmute reality, Fabiola Menchelli combines diverse perspectives in a single plane, generating a dimension that exists only within the camera. The images from this body of work are constructed inside of the camera exposing the light-sensitive surface multiple times altering the object, shapes, and colors, thus generating different planes of light that are combined in the latent image.

    The work reveals the subjectivity of the lens by conceiving the camera as a perceptual apparatus that points inside to create the image. Seeking to question the ontological nature of the photographic medium and elevate the space of representation beyond the paradigms of perception.

    Visit the 3D exhibition online: LIGHT STUDIES, Fabiola Menchelli.


    PICTURES by Ken Miller, hard cover, There.
    Light Studies Fabiola Menchelli, Proxyco Gallery at ARCO 2021



    Edited by Ken Miller
    Hardcover 224p.

    PICTURES by Ken Miller, hard cover, There.
    PICTURES by Ken Miller, hard cover, There.


    The first book published by There., PICTURES includes 200+ large abstract and non-representational photographs from nearly 50 artists, including the influential Wolfgang Tillmans and Catherine Opie, cult figures Guy Bourdin and Saul Leiter, Icons Hiroshi Sugimoto, Man Ray, and Imogen Cunningham, plus contemporary artists and fashion photographers Harley Weir, Matthew Stone, Tauba Auerbach, David Benjamin Sherry, Sam Falls, Fabiola Menchelli and Lea Colombo.

    PICTURES is by Ken Miller, editor, writer, and curator on photography, fashion, and culture. Shoot, opening ceremony, the newsstand that has been presented at the New Museum, Tate Modern, Colette Paris, Parco Tokyo, Ucca Beijing, etc.

    PICTURES is not available for purchase on Amazon.

    A “Book Of The Year”, PICTURES is available from Import Books in the US. , Twelve Books for retail orders In Japan, and Antenne Books for retail orders in Europe and very soon at Casa Bosques in México.



    9 enero – 9 febrero, 2021
    Marshall Contemporary
    1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

    Marshall Contemporary will open our new gallery on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. The debut group exhibition, In Praise of Shadows, will provide a synopsis of the gallery’s aesthetic interests and planned programming for the year ahead, with work from ten artists working across the West Coast and Europe:

    Albarrán Cabrera • Jakob de Boer • Cody Cobb • Judith Stenneken • Giacomo Brunelli • Jeffrey Conley • Fabiola Menchelli • Nikolai Ishchuk • John Brinton Hogan • Scott B. Davis

    Marshall Contemporary
    1350 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291
    info (at)
    310 413 3987





    Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo
    October 5th to 24th 2020.

    Open to the public  under strict hygiene measures and healthy distance from
    Monday-Friday 10am – 3pm / 4pm – 7pm. Saturday 11am – 2pm.

    Appointments: y al el 5555117965.
    Tabasco 198, Col. Roma, 06700, CDMX, México

    VERSUS: Fabiola Menchelli VS. Francisco Castro Leñero, Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City. 5 - 24 de Octubre 2020.
    VERSUS: Fabiola Menchelli VS. Francisco Castro Leñero, Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City. 5 – 24 de Octubre 2020.


    The exhibition Versus Fabiola Menchelli and Francisco Castro Leñero proposes more than an opposition a conversation between artists, visions, and mediums. The result is the encounter of a systematic process, a balance of control and freedom that has left a mark in the work. These meditative spaces—not only in the pieces themselves but also in the space created by the encounter of the two artists— open up before us like pathways. They become, in effect, points of entry. – Andrea Chapela

    Arroniz Arte Contemporáneo
    Tabasco 198, Col. Roma, 06700, CDMX, México
    Open to the public  under strict hygiene measures and healthy distance from
    Monday-Friday 10am – 3pm / 4pm – 7pm. Saturday 11am – 2pm.


    Black Box Projects
    London, England
    September 9th – October 12, 2020
    Opening Online

    ・ Joanne Dugan ・ Nikolai Ishchuk ・ Adam Jeppesen ・Timo Lieber ・ Fabiola Menchelli ・ Joni Sternbach ・

    Into the Blue explores the work of six international artists who apply the traditional cyanotype process – first developed in 1842 – to a contemporary photographic practice in innovative and compelling ways.

    Virtual gallery open now


    Seminario impartido por Fabiola Menchelli – Artista Visual
    Fechas: Jueves, 24 de septiembre – 10 de diciembre, 2020.
    Horario: 18:00 – 20:30 h., horario de la Ciudad de México (UTC-5).
    Formato: 13 sesiones de 2.5 hrs aprox. por semana.
    Plataforma: Zoom + Google classroom.
    Cupo limitado: 10 personas.

    Aplicaciones cerradas.



    Nikolai Ishchuk and Fabiola Menchelli
    June 5 – 21, 2020
    Online Viewing Room


    Originally conceived as a Summer exhibition in Los Angeles, CONCRETE LIGHT aims to relate the ways in which two artists develop a visual reference to, or extract influence from architecture in their photo-based work.

    Nikolai Ishchuk (Russian, b.1982) and Fabiola Menchelli (Mexican, b. 1983) similarly explore post-minimalist and abstract approaches to architectonic landscapes using innovative photo-sensitive processes. Menchelli, through her multi-exposure echoes of Tadao Ando’s Oaxacan observatory, translates the curvature and contemplative experience of physical space into lunar impressions on paper — taking sculptural forms into the darkroom. Conversely, in his multi-panel compositions, Ishchuk distills the basic structures of spatial perception through cameraless and mixed-media techniques – letting sculptural and quasi architectural forms emerge from the darkroom.


    Note: There are several full-screen visuals as well as a background audio component. While you can view the show on your mobile device, the optimum experience is on a larger screen.

    I hope their work and the presentation provide a few moments of meditative respite.

    – Douglas Marshall



    Approaching Architecture: Nikolai Ishchuk & Fabiola Menchelli
    Saturday, June 13th
    11:00 am PST on ZOOM

    In this open group conversation, Fabiola, Nikolai, and I will explore the ways in which the artists develop a visual reference to, or extract influence from architecture in their photographic work, as well as their use of analog processes and art-historical influences.

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Password: 603083

  • AD MEXICO – Arquitectura de la Luz

    La fotógrafa mexicana, Fabiola Menchelli, manipula la luz para crear una obra refinada y atemporal.
    Architectural Digest Mexico
    Febrero 2020

    Me gusta la sensación de no saber que estoy viendo, y me gusta más cuando va acompañada de la belleza – tal como la describiera el crítico Dave Hickey – de “estar frente a algo que siempre quise ver pero que nunca se me había presentado”. Lo bello, dice Hickey, hace reaccionar a nuestro cuerpo de manera tal, que nuestro intelecto quiere saber que está pasando. Por eso la belleza rompe con el orden establecido, altera el statu quo y cambia los cánones de lo que deseamos. Eso es lo que sucede estando frente a la obra de Fabiola Menchelli.

    Una primera mirada hace evidente que se trata de fotos, al menos por un momento. Su superficie plana refleja la luz y se mantiene sobre el papel con un brillo y un aplomo que solo se logra mediante la fotografía natural. Su cualidad es única. Pero apenas descubierto el medio, de inmediato se desencadenan una serie de preguntas – la mente se cuestiona qué está pasando –, si se trata de fotografías, ¿cómo las logra? ¿Qué hace para obtener esa paleta de color tan particular? ¿De dónde saca esas composiciones tan únicas? ¿Cómo mezcla o superpone los colores? Algo sucede con sus piezas que, en el mejor sentido, no permanecen estáticas ante el espectador, sino que invitan a regresar una y otra vez a mirar.

    El proceso de Menchelli es laborioso y su metódica construcción corresponde al de una verdadera artesana de la luz, quien superpone procesos y exposiciones para llegar al resultado final.

    A su corta edad, la obra de Fabiola Menchelli ya ha reci¬bido un sólido reconocimiento dentro y fuera de México. Este verano presentará su primera muestra individual en la galería ProxyCo, mientras que la fotógrafa mexicana pasará el verano en Casa Nano, una residencia para artistas en Tokio, Japón. Ese es, hasta ahora, el recorrido ascendente de la artista y su poderosa arquitectura de luz.